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A child’s academic journey starts early in life. At Brilliant Start Academy, our learning center nurtures the total development of each child in an interactive, immersive, and fun environment.

We welcome children and families to join us! Contact us today to request a tour of our facility.

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Our Child Learning Center

Want to learn more about Brilliant Start Academy and our facility? We’ve provided the following information to help you get started.

Please call us at 440-960-0777 if you have any questions or would like to schedule a tour!


Our 8,544 square foot facility is located on 1.37 acres of land. The building has been completely renovated and includes 15 classrooms, including seven homerooms and eight enrichment rooms.

Homerooms include:

  • Infant room
  • Toddler room
  • Preschool room for 2 ½ – 3 year olds
  • Preschool room for 3 year olds
  • Preschool room for 4-5 year olds
  • After school room

The classrooms are specific-purpose rooms designed to give the children the best possible learning experiences.

Enrichment Rooms

Our enrichment rooms include:

    • Computer Room: Our computer room is equipped with five computers that allow the children to have hands-on experience with age appropriate learning software.
    • Library: Our library has an abundance of books for the children to read quietly by themselves or to allow the teacher the opportunity to read to the class.
    • Construction: The construction room provides space for the children to incorporate fine motor skills and imagination as they build with Lego’s, various blocks and use their creations in dramatic play.
    • Art: The art room has child sized tables and age appropriate materials for the children to express their creativity and learn about various aspects of art.
    • Audio/Visual: The audio/visual room has equipment to allow the children to watch educational videos in a relaxing atmosphere.
    • Gymnasium: The gymnasium is approximately 32 feet by 22 feet of open space enabling the children to use large muscle groups even on the days that outside activities are not possible.
    • Math & Science/Splash Park: The math and science/splash park is a large area with a poured-in-place floor that allows children to experiment with water, sand, and other materials. At 26 feet by 26 feet in size, it is also a large space that can be used for large muscle movement if outdoor play is not possible. In the summer, garage doors can be opened to allow the children to get fresh air, even if it is raining outside.


There are also two playgrounds on the property. The first playground is for children 2 ½ years and younger. The second playground is for children 2 ½ years and older. Both playgrounds include a grassy area and playground equipment situated on a poured-in-place rubber playground safety surface.

Tuition & Fees

Payment Schedule & Tuition

Tuition schedules will be provided upon request or at the time of a facility tour. Notification of tuition increases will be provided a minimum of one month prior to the effective date of the increase. Tuition may be paid weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly. Tuition is due on the first business day of the tuition period.

Sibling Discount

We provide a sibling discount.

Registration Fee

We do not charge registration fees at Brilliant Start Academy.

Late Pick-Up Fee

Parents are expected to pick up children by no later than 6:30 P.M. There will be a late fee for each child remaining at the center after 6:30. These fees will be disclosed in the parent information packet.

Late Tuition Payment Fees

Tuition may be paid weekly or bi-weekly. Tuition is expected on the first business day of the tuition period. Tuition paid after the third business day of the period will be considered late and assessed a penalty.

Returned Check Charge

If a check is returned from the bank, a fee will be assessed. More than two returned checks will result in the necessity to pay by cash or credit card.


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Additional paperwork for parents is available in our Parent Portal. Please call 440-960-0777 if you have any questions.

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